Drew Heath

Information about me

An accredited member of the BACP, I am a qualified therapist and have been providing counselling for six years. My clients have ranged from all different ages (from 4 to 70) to all different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and sexualities.

Highlights of my background:

  • Working in the NHS as Therapist for children, 2017 – present
  • Trained and counselled by John Rowan, who is seen as the founding father of Humanistic psychotherapy
  • Ran a weekly mindfulness course, 2015
  • Starting a local program, Conversation Coach, where I offered help to teens with ASD develop social skills, 2016
  • Accreditation with British Association of Counselling Psychology (BACP), 2018
  • Seeing clients privately for counselling, 2018

I also have background in teaching music, yoga, meditation, nutrition, web-design, and media.

Where I Specialise

The most effective counselling I can give you will be humanistic and transpersonal. What does that jargon mean? It means the power difference is as minimal as possible. Done correctly it should not feel like a doctor and patient relationship. Instead, far more like two close friends. I aim to be the co-pilot to your life, while you decide where the plane is going. You’re in charge. My role is to reflect back to you what easy to see from the outside, but hard for you to see from the inside. This process is a slow enlightenment to the self.