Frequently Asked Questions

Much research into counselling indicated 90% of the effectiveness of any counselling intervention comes within the first 10 sessions. 6 sessions in my experience can be very effective indeed.

No I’m afraid, although my online counselling may be perfect for you.

Journal. Do your absolute best to be truthful and honest with yourself. Exercise courage to answer difficult things, and ask difficult questions too.

Yes, counselling is also psychotherapy. This therapy is humanistic and transpersonal. To be more specific than that, the modalities I work under are Gestalt therapy, Person-Centred therapy, and Jungian psychology.

I will see you’ve contacted me and I will respond within 24 hours. I will ask when you would like to see me, and we’ll match this up with when I am available. With the session booked, I will advise you on how to find the location – whether coming by public transport or car.

Counselling takes place in an ordinary house, specifically in a conservatory overlooking a private garden and field. On our first meeting I will work on getting to know you, asking about your personality, your family, your history, your feelings, your troubles – I will note these important details down. I’ve found this to be the fastest way I can tune into your experience.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. We’ll arrange the appointment for the following week. You can stop at anytime, but you do need let me know 3 days in advance of our appointment.

Yes. Counselling takes place near the centre of Ash, near Canterbury. There is a safe car park there, a 1 minute walk from our counselling.

Not necessarily – they plays as big a role in counselling as you want them to. If these subjects hold nothing for you, then they simply won’t come up.

Philosophy however – a way of being, imagining, feeling, thinking and seeing – is much like religion. It’s philosophy that is always challenged in counselling when it no longer serves you. This is the heart of counselling.

The day Religion or Spirituality become everything to you, is the day they will be everything to your counselling.

No there’s nothing to bring, unless it’s something you feel is important to show me.