Desk and Mirror


Do you struggle with Anxiety?

It might be the uncomfortable feeling you have in crowds, having the hundreds of students brush past you as you navigate the building. Perhaps the feeling they are judging you.

It might be the dreaded feeling of going into an exam. Anxiety may be keeping you up at night due to stress, the haunting feeling you are really not enough.

In these situations, are you kept on the edge constantly? Both prepared and terrified something is about to go wrong, or has gone wrong already?

The Solution

How I would work with you is first by talking about the anxiety as we try to learn what anxiety you have, your own unique case. What's the nature of it? Has this anxiety been in you ever since childhood? If not, when did it start? What triggers this reaction in you and what does not. Anxiety is intially always a mystery - together in therapy, we solve that mystery.

The more we understand this unique anxiety - what has it been saying to you - the anxiety itself is likely to decrease rapidly. Once it's been heard, it is replaced with a feeling of power. We will then use techniques and a change of perspectives to learn ways to now be within these anxious situations without any anxiety at all. 

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