Wash Out

Losing Someone

Have you lost someone or something you love?

Grief is natural and painful, for even the best of us. Perhaps it's happened, or perhaps it's a loss that's happening. It may be a family member, a partner, a friend, a pet, a place - you may have even lost a part of yourself (metaphorically or literally).

We're built to connect to the people and places around us - when a connection ends, especially suddenly and against our will, it can feel quite unnatural.


Our whole world may have been turned upside down, all your plans changed. A frightening hole in your heart and soul exists where this relationship once was - and now you must rebuild your plans.

The Solution

How I'd work with you is we would have a space every week to talk about this loved one. How did they help, what were they like, how did your relationship grow in the time you had, what is it's story. Together we process what it means to you, then we begin to process the loss, wrapping our heads around it in time. Continually we look at making meaning from the loss, making peace with it, and rebuilding who are now, wiser for the experience.

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